In Case You Need This Today:

Just for a moment, take a pause and hear some affirmation today: you are enough and the resources you have within you will see you through each day. It doesn’t always feel like it because everyone carries wounds, hurts and doubts. And if you’re feeling particularly tired, then it’s a particularly perfect time to hear that you have the strength and cords of connection within you to feed who you are and what you do.

I’ve been thinking about the last few months in community at SSUC. Imagine that in a community that’s undergoing such transition and change with the retirement of such a long-loved member of the ministry team, is now expressing so much energy and activity. It’s unexpected. It’s beautiful. You have all been a collection of wonderful whirls and swirls of ideas and plans, all with an attitude of “Yes!”. Left and right, you’ve been stepping up to fill needs, work together, and continue the amazing work of SSUC. This has been such a gift to me and to the whole community. I can’t even keep up with the positive spirit and energy that you’ve been pouring into our life together – nor do I feel the need to keep up – but I can look on with amazement and gratitude for the work and forward momentum that we’re about. Thank you.

And because I know we all have many facets and calls on our time, I will return to my first suggestion: pause, take care of yourselves, and know that you – just you, your very being – is enough. Happy spring. Be well.


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