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Featured Book: A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story

“This is the book that progressives and liberals having been waiting for,” progressivechristianity.org proclaimed a decade ago, “a deeply researched history of Christianity that sheds new light on the underreported personalities and movements of the faith.” It points up “grassroots movements in Christianity that preserved Jesus’s message of social justice for 2,000 years, and their impact on the church today.” 

Philip Jenkins—he’s the author of The Lost History of Christianity—acclaimed this book by church historian and popular speaker Diana Butler Bass: “It would be difficulty to imagine anyone reading A People’s History without finding some new insight or inspiration, some new and unexpected testimony to the astonishing breadth of Christianity through the ages.” Writing for spiritualityandpractice.com, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat explain, “In place of the dogmatic, oppressive, and violent militant Christianity we often read about, she writes about a generative faith which ’transforms the world through humble service. It is not about victory; it is about following Christ in order to seed human community with grace.’”

A review in the Jesuit magazine, America, explains how “The author’s prose is uplifting and positive. Her style is conversational, allowing one to feel she is speaking directly to the reader.”

A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story
by Diana Butler Bass
HarperCollins, 2009

Thinking Ahead to 2020

Each November, we enter a time of considering the part each of us will play in our shared work. Whether you’ve been connected to SSUC for many years or just a few months, we invite you to consider the ways that you can contribute your experience and expertise, your time and your financial resources and legacy gifts to extend and enrich our work as a vibrant spiritual community.

As we think about the possibilities of 2020 as a community, we invite you to read and respond to our 2020 Stewardship Campaign. Visit our stewardship 2020 webpage for your letter and invitation to respond.

2020 Stewardship Campaign

Featured Book: Christianity: A Very Short Introduction

Part of the already-teeming and constantly-expanding library of VSI works produced by Oxford University Press, this succinct text—which “provides a candid portrait of Christianity’s past and present,” the publisher says of the book—is greatly appreciated: it is “…clearly and engagingly written”; indeed, “…it is difficult to imagine,” one UK blogger reckoned, “how a better book could be written.” Another, an Australian, called it “a helpful foil to the often romanticized and triumphant accounts of Christianity’s expansion”; read it, and you’ll “get a taste of how Christianity is presented when there is no grinding of the theological axes which preoccupy the churches.” 
It’s authored, this individual explains, by “one of the most prominent and prolific sociologists writing on religion.” Linda Woodhead, professor of sociology of religion at Britain’s Lancaster University, has written widely on the role of religion in contemporary society; over the last 20 years, she has penned, co-authored, or contributed to, 73 publications. Woodhead, according to this critic, warrants that “there is one particularly decisive fault line which runs through and across all types of Christianity: ‘More than modern science, it is modern liberal values and a turn to subjective experience which have challenged and divided Christians.’”  
Christianity: A Very Short Introduction,
by Linda Woodhead
Oxford University Press, 2004

Featured Book: Questions are the Answer: Nakedpastor & the Search for Understanding

Picture this: the pastor at his pulpit confesses to his parishioners, “I’m sorry people, but in my faith journey, I’m afraid I’m entering the ‘I just don’t know!’ stage.” They shout back, “Welcome!”

It’s one of almost 100 of David Hayward’s Nakedpastor cartoons in this autobiographical book. Together with his text, they tell of his story into and out of the church—ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1986, he bowed out of ministry in 2010. Four years before, he’d launched his Nakedpastor blog, complete with what faithmeetsworld.com calls “irreverent, but piercingly insightful cartoons.” These allow him, layanglicana.org explains, to show what might be “too subtle, deeply felt, revealing, or mysterious to be expressed in words.” As one New Testament scholar exhorts, “Come for the laughs, stay for the brutal honesty about matters of religion.”

Hayward, who styles himself a “graffiti artist on the walls of religion,” and who has been called [by faithmeetsworld.com] “unofficial agent provocateur and commentator on all things related to Western religion and its shortcomings,” has since launched thelastingsupper.com, which he describes as “an online community of spiritually independent people”. A Canadian, he lives with his wife, Lisa, on the Kennebecais River near Saint John, New Brunswick.

Questions are the Answer: Nakedpastor and the Search for Understanding, by David Hayward
Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd., 2015 

Cookie Walk 2019

Christmas will be here before any of us are ready for it. Let us help you check one more thing off of your To-Do list and finish your Christmas baking in a single Saturday. Join us on December 7 from 10 am- 12 pm at SSUC-Edmonton. 10740 19 Ave NW. 

There will be hundreds of cookies to choose from. Get there early, buy a box, and fill it with your favorites: and maybe get a few for your family and friends too.

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/420329315352631/

Gatherings at 10AM Sundays