Camp Dragonfly

Camp Dragonfly is a summer camp for trans+, gender-creative and gender diverse kids, their siblings, and friends. Since the summer of 2018, Camp Dragonfly has hosted a summer and winter camp each year, so far serving over 160 families from Alberta and beyond. Our mission is to bring trans and gender creative children together for creativity, connection, and celebration. By hosting a summer camp that encourages self-exploration and affirmation, we embrace children of all identities and experiences.

Camp Dragonfly has been supported by and hosted at SSUC since its inception. At all Camp Dragonfly programs children are led through a variety of developmentally appropriate recreation and leisure activities with the support of trans and gender non-binary volunteer camp counsellors. In the past, the children have had the opportunity to participate in photography, cooking, drama, yoga, art and crafts, nature walks, playground, dance, story time, nail art/makeup, and kickboxing. 

Caregivers and parents can attend a biannual caregiver support group. This is facilitated by a registered psychologist and allows parents the opportunity to build networks of support. 

Finally, each Camp Dragonfly program has a community meal component that connects campers, friends and family, allied professionals, and non-profit agencies. This free community meal is an opportunity for networking and support, and a celebration of the children and youth we serve.

SSUC is an affirming spiritual community that seeks to live out this commitment to supporting and celebrating LGBTQ2IA+ through action. Seeing a deep community need for programs to support young trans+ and gender diverse children, SSUC supported the creation of Camp Dragonfly and continues to sustain it through funding community space, and countless volunteer hours. SSUC celebrates and affirms the inherent worth of each child, exactly as they are, and is committed to a program that is accessible to all trans+ and gender creative children.