Covid-19 Update (December 2020):

SSUC remains closed to in-person gatherings.  As people who take seriously how we live our values and engage our living in the world, we take our responsibility as a community meeting place seriously. Above all else, we will provide as safe a space as we are able for as many as possible, especially our vulnerable members – this is our commitment to inclusion. Even as other parts of society resume and reopen, we are committed to evaluating the risks, developing a plan and maintaining our community responsibility to health and wellbeing. When circumstances allow, we will be ready to resume in-person gatherings. Our leaders will continue to evaluate our readiness monthly.

Connect with us as a community through our Sunday online stream at 10:00am MDT each Sunday. You can join us at or on our Facebook Page

We are here for each other. If you need specific care and connection, please be in touch with our ministry team, who are available to you by phone, email, chat or in person. In the meantime, let’s continue being the people and community we strive to be: open, thoughtful and compassionate. Let’s stay active and make efforts to engage in safe activities that bring our lives meaning.

Be well,
The Ministry Team and Board of SSUC