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Expansive Spirituality

Expansive Spirituality

What we value and how we live are more important

than what we believe.

SSUC explores a progressive or expansive path that seeks to broaden our awareness of our common humanity and the highest values by which we seek to live. Although we are inspired by the best teachings of the Jesus tradition, we celebrate the great wisdom we find in nature, in poetry, authors, and other faith’s wisdom teachers both ancient and modern. In all that we do, we seek to deepen compassion and understanding and widen compassion. We seek to inspire one another to build a culture of peace and respect that cares for the community of life, and works together for social and economic justice.


We are committed to cultivating a spirituality that nurtures values we cherish rather than beliefs we may or may not share.


In September 2017 SSUC Edmonton hosted the first Expansive Spirituality conference entitled Ever Wonder. This conference featured West Hill United’s Gretta Vosper as well as several other pioneers of expansive spirituality. The videos and more info can be found HERE!

 SSUC approaches our common quest for wisdom, inspiration and positive action:
  • We centre our community on our highest values that affirm the interconnectedness of all life, the inherent and equal worth of all persons, and the supremacy of love expressed actively in our lives as compassion and social justice;
  • We engage in a life-long process of deepening understanding and care for our world and our global community with love and compassion as a primary motivation and goal.
  • We value the process of making meaning in our lives that’s rooted in the Jesus tradition but reaches to wisdom found in diverse sources, considering it every person’s responsibility to evaluate all traditions, practices and writings as human expressions of experience open to our evaluation for their potential positive contribution to our individual and collective lives. We value the guidance of conscience and contemporary social and physical sciences to shed light, bring meaning and help us adjust our views and practices for a life that’s relevant, informed and balanced.
  • We find more meaning in the search for understanding than in the arrival at certainty; in the questions than the answers;
  • We encourage inclusive, non-discriminatory community where our common humanity is honoured in a trusting atmosphere of mutual respect and support;
  • We promote forms of individual and community celebration, study, and practices that use understandable, inclusive, non-dogmatic, value-based language by which people of religious, skeptical, or secular backgrounds can be nurtured and challenged;
  • We commit to working together, our ongoing growth characterized by honesty, integrity, openness, respect, intellectual rigour, courage, justice, compassion, creativity, and balance.

Inspired by Eight Points from the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity

Gathering 10AM Sunday