A Place for the LGBTQ Community

Looking for  “gay friendly” church or spiritual community in Edmonton?

Be Part of our Affirming Congregation

If you are “In the Closet” or OUT… You are welcome here.

If you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-identified, or Queer… You are welcome here.

If you are the family member / friend of a LGBTQ+ person… You are welcome here.

If you are questioning your sexual orientation… You are welcome here.

If you are questioning your gender identity… You are welcome here.

If you are single, with a partner, with a family… You are welcome here.

If you are from a different faith tradition… You are welcome here.

If you have never been part of a faith community before… You are welcome here.

The LGBTQ2S people that are part of SSUC are involved in every aspect of community life: leadership, organization, and participation in every way. Our Affirm Team is one of the groups within the community that plan monthly brunches on the 2nd Sunday of each month where all are welcome to find community, to make connections and to experience the safe place that SSUC works very hard to create. Often these brunches include a speaker on a topic of interest but most importantly, they offer time to feel that we belong together.

It may start with you walking through our doors on a Sunday morning and taking your place in our circle. Come and give yourself a chance to deepen your spiritual life and be part of the loving and supportive community you will find here.

SSUC is proud to have been the first affirming congregation within the United Church of Canada in Alberta and delighted to celebrate that we have been a caring and compassionate community for the queer community for more than 19 years. We celebrate our Affirming Anniversary in late  January every year with a Sunday gathering followed by brunch.

Gatherings at 10AM Sundays