Featured Book: A God Named Josh

“Fresh”—it’s the one word that “encapsulates” A God Named Josh, blogger Joel Wentz [Books & Big Ideas] attests. “This is a fresh look at the life of Jesus [aka Josh]. The driving purpose…is to present a day-to-day look into the life of Jesus.” One reader has it that author Jared Brock “blends a narrative retelling of the gospels with historical context, meaning we get lots of research and detail, but it’s nothing like the dry and distant style of commentaries: it’s engaging, vivid, and imaginative.”

“We will focus…on the human Jesus,” Brock explains. “His philosophy, politics, economics, and spiritual teachings, are brilliant. Even in our post-modern secularist society, Jesus of Nazareth offers some profoundly relevant ideas for living well.”

Not only is his book intriguing, so is he! “I write books and make movies,” he reports, but “most of all, I try to love God and people. I’m terrible at both, but I keep persevering.” A futurist, Brock, born in Guelph General Hospital—his mother was a nurse there—authors two newsletters weekly: Surviving Tomorrow and Future Faith. He is co-founder of Hope for the Sold, an abolitionist charity dedicated to the eradication of human exploitation and trafficking.

A God Named Josh: Uncovering the Human Life of Jesus Christ
By Jared Brock
Bethany House Publishers, 2023