Featured Book: Habits of the Heart: Practices for Spiritual Seekers

Habits of the Heart: Practices for Spiritual Seekers

“You are eloquent, poetic,” and “a wordsmith.” The “you” is Nancy Steeves; the claim is that of church council chairperson Joanne Van Beek, delivered in a January 22 appreciation for the SSUC minister who retired that day. “You have written and crafted meaningful messages and reflections that have enlightened the path for us; stimulating messages that are thought-provoking; heartfelt messages that have enabled us to stretch our minds…. Every story you have shared, every image you have used, has been carefully selected and presented to catch us up and change us.”

The truth of Van Beek’s affirmation is there to behold in the book that Steeves self-published earlier that month, Habits of the Heart. It’s a collection of 31 reflections offered Sunday after Sunday over the course of 2015; she revisited and revised these homilies, and brought them to print. “The art and craft of writing and speaking Sunday reflections has been a significant spiritual practice for me,” she mentions in the book’s introduction.

“It takes practice to keep human life human,” she attests. In this muster of writings, the reader will discover “habits needed to build the muscle of faithfulness and resilience for living truly and loving deeply.” Indeed.

Habits of the Heart: Practices for Spiritual Seekers
By Nancy Steeves
Nancy Steeves, 2023