Featured Book: In Your Loving is Your Knowing: Elizabeth Templeton – Prophet of Our Times

In Your Loving is Your Knowing is an anthology of 33 unpublished wide-ranging writings and addresses of the late Elizabeth Templeton, who dymocks.com.au calls “one of the most outstanding theologians of her time.” All combine “brilliant original scholarship with a warm sensitivity to the difficulties of many people in…relating it [theology] to their own life and thought.”

It’s as the Herald of Scotland had it in its 2015 obituary: she took theology “to ordinary people in their ordinary lives.” She “brought as much theological acuteness and passion to sermons in local churches as she did to the World Council of Churches,” affirms Britain’s Church Times.

“Widely regarded as a ‘radical,’ she remained a loyal, though always critical, member of the Church of Scotland,” New Zealand’s Tui Motu Magazine reports, ending its review by recommending this collection to those “who are ready to be challenged.”

A passionate ecumenist, Templeton was a lay woman; a scholar who gave up the academic life to raise a family; then a freelance theologian and public intellectual. She was profiled in a recent Library Learnings essay that focused on her first book, The Nature of Belief, which she wrote under her maiden name, Elizabeth MacLaren.

In Your Loving is Your Knowing: Elizabeth Templeton—Prophet of Our Times
Edited by Peter Matheson and Alastair Hulbert
Birlinn, 2019

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