Featured Book: Time or Too Late: Chasing the Dream of a Progressive Christian Faith

Introducing new ideas into a church that’s “been using a particular system of thought and understanding for a very long time…can be a risky business.” In a four-minute clip for progressivechristianity.org, United Church minister Gretta Vosper adds, “sharing progressive thinking often takes a lot of courage.”

Her own temerity is on view in her newest book, Time or Too Late: Chasing the Dream of a Progressive Christian Faith. A collection of articles and addresses, it’s “a record,” she explains, “of the shift of my understandings as they evolved” since her 2004 launch of the now shuttered Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity.

The 200-page book—which Sherwood Park United’s book discussion gang, The Spong Group, found engrossing this summer—touches on everything from the “non-education” of laity to “the Noble Lie”. Vosper is unstinting: God is “that divine being we spun out of nothing”; churches will give way to communities “where values are named and shared, relationships are built, and well-being is fostered”.

As for the question posed in the book’s title [spoiler alert!], the effort to induce Christianity “to shift its focus so that it might share its benefits with those beyond belief is virtually over. It’s too late.”