Humanity Under Construction

There is much that the community of SSUC does together. We make meals, sponsor refugees, discuss ideas, make music, extend care, work for justice, mentor new generations, engage issues, build safe community, and gather to celebrate for many reasons. But what if we had to define what we seek to accomplish together in one sentence? We could have a lively discussion on the merits of many things, but high on that list would be the work of strengthening the best of our humanity. In all we do, are we not attempting to develop our most well-reasoned, compassionate and rooted selves? There’s a reason that we do all these things in a supportive community: because we’re able to help each other find the responses within us that bring out our best qualities…the ones we wish to celebrate, to encourage and to model for yet another generation.


We don’t need to be a church to do this. We don’t need to have a common history, religion, culture, gender or sexuality to do this. Building a safe and diverse community that’s built on bringing our highest humanity and our best potential to act in ways that honour the beautiful connections that we have as fellow humans is all we need. If things look a little messy in the midst of our working, planning, practicing and acting together, let’s not worry because afterall, our humanity is under construction.