Just a Few

When you come into the SSUC building on a Sunday morning, you experience the vibrancy and energy of a whole community gathering together. We see old friends or the opportunity to meet someone new. We engage in a spiritual gathering that helps us all connect with our deepest values, self understanding, and ways of being in the world. I’ve heard from so many of you that this is one of the most meaningful things about SSUC – the expansive, affirming, and challenging time we spend together on a Sunday.

But that’s not all a spiritual community like ours is about. Some of the most impactful and life-changing work we do as a community happens at different times and looks quite different. The times when we’re putting our values into action, giving or receiving support, learning something new and discussing ideas, issues, or new understandings on the expansive path, are most often done with just a few other people. It would be impossible otherwise. Could you imagine everyone having their say and wrestling with ideas outloud in a group of 15o folks? That’s not manageable nor necessarily comfortable or safe. But we can do those kinds of things when we find ourselves with a few other people who want to sit knee-to-knee, or work side-by-side, or connect online.

A community that inspires compassion and connection will always find ways to be together in small and relatable groups – this is the way we get to know each other and support one another; it’s the way we get our hands dirty with the work of justice or care; it’s the way we will learn from each other’s diverse experience and wisdom. I want to encourage us always to bring our needs and our skills, our passions and our hearts to the life of SSUC. This is the way that we become not just a Sunday morning community, but a 7-day-a-week community that meets you – and everyone – exactly where they are.

As we grow, transition and evolve together, may you feel the health and connection you need.