Thank you, Michael

Michael O’Hea wins the kidSPIRIT VIP award as one of our most valued kidSPIRIT volunteers. Michael loves baseball, particularly the San Francisco Giants, and I know he’ll appreciate that a VIP award goes to someone without whom the successes and achievements we’ve made wouldn’t be possible. This is Michael. For more than 8 years, Michael has volunteered as a key leader in our children’s program.

Michael always has energy and excitement for leading kidSPIRIT, volunteering for summer camps and helping wherever he could to share his joy and positive spirit with children. His passion for science and wanting to share how our universe works, his love of nature and his excitement to teach and share are contagious! I would often ask him if he wanted to take a week, a month, any time away from kidSPIRIT so he could participate differently in the gathering, and he would always say… ”kidSPIRIT is where I love to be, it’s where I want to be, and it’s where I can contribute. Sign me up”. Michael has shown dedication to making our children’s program what it is.

So today is our chance to say thank you to Michael. With Michael transitioning and making a home for himself in St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital, he can’t hear this tribute in person, but as he watches this video later he’ll see just how grateful we are for him.

We’re saying thank you today from all of us at SSUC:  for the years of leadership, week-in and week-out, making our classroom a welcoming, safe and fun place to learn, to explore; a place to be respected and loved.

Our hearts are with you, Michael, even though you can’t be here. We are with you – our support, our love, our care are there with you. Thank you for all you give to us, and the inspiration you are for us now as you face this challenging stage of your living.


These are some of the words used in a “Time for All Ages” moment with the children on Sunday, March 31st, 2019. Michael died later that night. Our hearts and care extend to Michael’s family, friends and all who loved and knew him.