Our Highest Values 2015


Many of these songs have been introduced already at SSUC, and prove to be very singable and easy to learn. Our Highest Values will make a great addition to your home, church libraries, or groups that consider themselves ‘spiritual but not religious’.

Songs include:

  • Being Here
  • It’s in Everyone to be Wise
  • Life’s Sacredness
  • Belonging
  • Something to Live For
  • The Earth is our Cradle
  • Gratitude
  • Our Highest Values
  • Go Into the Sacredness


Our Highest Values, the new collection of songs by Christopher New

This coil-bound collection includes ten songs for individual or community singing, plus three new texts to old melodies.


See a small sample here: Belonging-Sample

Our Highest Values is a collection of songs that can express our deepest sense of spirituality and connection with the world and with each other. Whether we sing by ourselves or in groups, and whether we’re young or old, these songs express our need to sing our oneness-with-all, our desire for just action, our care for our Earth and the deepening of our compassion. These are songs we can sing regardless of creed, tradition or custom.”

-Christopher New


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