Forest Families

Connect to nature

Connect to family

9:30 AM – Soft start.

9:45 AM – Gather as a full group for a guided start.

10:00 AM – Within this hour, adults get 20 – 30 minutes alone for solo time, or together for date time. Meanwhile the kids go on an Adventure. Will we make a fire? Chop wood? Create art? Muck about by the river? It’s different each time!

11:00 –11:15 AM – Reflection and sharing over hot chocolate.

11:15–11:30 – Soft finish.


“Family” is chosen family – we welcome single parents, polycules, queer families, blended families, moms, dads, mapas, foster families, grandparents and grandkids; babes-in-arms, toddlers and teens; kids and their workers, big brothers big sisters and their littles, aunts, uncles and niblings; babysitters and nannies, people and their young friends, etc.

Connect to others

Connect to self

We’ve all become isolated. Join us in a safer way to feel refreshed and supported. In this multi-age playgroup we lean into alloparenting to give each other a rest and create a network of support. Alloparents are “other” parents – any person who helps take care of a child, like relatives, neighbours, friends, and older children. From 10-11 AM, adults will take turns taking breaks, while older kids and other adults keep an eye on their wee ones (babes-in-arms will need to stay with you).

Once your child feels connected to the playgroup for the morning, and we have enough eyes on the group, adults head off for solo time (contemplative alone time in the woods) or for a date. At Victoria Park, we also have close access to the ski trail and the skating rink if you want to do either of those for your solo/date.

Older kids and teens – you may choose if you are interested in doing a solo like the adults or doing the nature activity with the main group.