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This is a place for progressive, expansive, and/or post-theistic Christians across denominational lines to connect, share resources and support one another. We are people of many christian communities, including the United Church, Anglican, Lutheran, Unitarian, and those of no organized christian community. We are academics and enthusiasts, clergy and lay persons, seekers and explorers of the spiritual. We represent a spectrum of progressive christian thought from gently exploring to radical, from making shifts within traditional congregations to those who contribute from the edges of exile.

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Introducing, A new Speakers Series:



Thought-provoking talks that go BEYOND the expected and are geared for the inquisitive,
the open-minded, the spiritually curious.

Following is the complete schedule for the premiere 2016-17 season of BEYOND. All presentations, open to the public free of charge, will begin at 7 p.m., and will take place at SSUC, 10740-19 Avenue NW, Edmonton. Please note that programming is subject to change. 


“Inside The Jesus Seminar” — A retired United Church minister and teacher, Bruce Miller has been a fellow of The Jesus Seminar for the past 26 of its 31 years of existence, and the group’s work, he knows, “is still a very provocative topic!” He’ll speak about its origins, the striking characters it’s attracted, its quest for the historical Jesus, its controversial method of voting with coloured beads to decide the authenticity of Jesus’s sayings, and now its shift in direction: it’s becoming the Christianity Seminar, and the Seminar on God and the Future.

Wednesday, February 1.


“Beyond Beliefs” — “The topic proposed is one I would enjoy having another go at,” retired cleric George Rodgers allowed when invited to join in the speakers series; it was the theme of the charged sermon he preached already three years ago at Sherwood Park United Church to mark the 50th anniversary of his ordination. “What are our reference points and guidelines if the old stuff doesn’t do it anymore?,” he‘ll ask; and he’ll tell what being Christian, and “doing Christian,” might mean in today’s world.

Wednesday, March 15.


“A Christian University’s Journey With Omar Khadr” — While Omar Khadr’s tale is being brought to light, the drama of how and why The King’s, a private Christian university in Edmonton, came to befriend this young Muslim who spent half his life in prison, has not been reported widely. Associate professor of English at the school, and dean of its Faculty of Arts, Arlette Zinck will tell the story. Spoiler alert: Luke, Micah, and Matthew figure prominently in this narrative.

Wednesday, April 12.


“Trial By Fire” — Dane Neufeld, rector of All Saints Anglican Church in Fort McMurray, was to have told of the effects on his people’s lives of the Christian churches’ efforts at fossil fuel divestment…until “The Beast” beset his community this spring. Now he’ll offer a frank presentation about frontline pastoral ministry in the midst of crisis: “What are you going through as you pastor people who’ve lost everything?,” he’s been asked. And how has God and faith and hope fared in this cataclysm? Wednesday, May 10.


“Religion And Violence” — Maryam Razavy, a University of Alberta researcher who holds a joint Ph.D. in sociology and religious studies from the provincial university, will draw the marrow from the three-week course she once taught for Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association students, the one in which she warranted that religion gets a bad rap. Her lecture “will raise important questions regarding the way we perceive religious belief systems,” she states, “and how these perceptions inform current debates about worldwide religious violence.”

Wednesday, June 7.


Follow our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute events and postings:


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