Rainbow Connection

*NEW for 2018/19*

Rainbow Connection is a community-capacity building organization based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our mission at Rainbow Connection is to build community and connection. We embrace all identities and experiences. We are a LGBTQ+ safe(r) space that seeks to promote connection and growth between people and organizations. Co-sponsored by SSUC, Alberta’s first affirming church, we welcome and support the LGBTQ2S+ Community. Rainbow connection supports, develops, and builds programs and community initiatives to meet the needs of our community.

Rainbow Connection is currently supporting the following community initiatives:


Emberwood gets you outside and connected to your core self! Emberwood hosts two monthly gatherings designed for LGBTQ+ young adults age 18 to in-their-30s (allies welcome). These are Full Moon Ceremonies and eco-therapy inspired “rambles.” Emberwood occasionally hosts events for other ages and demographics – to see the next one, click here. Emberwood also collaborates with other groups and organizations in addition to supporting people one-on-one.

Camp Dragonfly

Our mission at Camp Dragonfly is to join trans+ and gender creative children, aged 6-13, in spaces for creativity, connection, and celebration. We embrace children of all identities and experiences by hosting summer camps that encourage exploration and fun! Registration for summer 2019 is NOW OPEN. 


I am the program coordinator with Rainbow Connection. I have the opportunity to help develop, create and support community initiatives like Camp Dragonfly and Emberwood. Community and capacity building are things that I am extremely passionate about! Currently, I’m in my final year of Social Work at the University of Calgary. When I’m not working on projects with Alison, you’ll find me out in nature or enjoying coffee and a good book!




Hi all y’all! I host the Emberwood events, connect with people one-on-one, and co-plan camp Dragonfly with Zoe. I am an educator and I have worked as a chaplain at United Church camps and queer camps since 2011. I have particular experience working with kids, youth, young adults, people who are LGBTQ+ and in areas of grief and spiritual allyship. I love being outside, especially skating and swimming. If you want to chat about life, let’s go for a walk or coffee!