Sacred Circle Dance

What has become known as Sacred Circle Dance is a grass roots phenomenon that is spreading rather rapidly. It is a collection of traditional and non-traditional dances that are being utilized by facilitators of dance therapy, of women’s circles, of men’s circles and for people who enjoy cultivating the sacred energy of community and of the earth relationships.

The traditional (folk) dances have had symbolic meaning attached to them either by virtue of the movements and steps or the combination of music, verse and movement. The non-traditional dances are those that are choreographed to interpret a message, dream or vision of the choreographer and the dances of Bernard Wosien and Friedel Kloke-Eibl most often utilize sacred geometry.

While we are dancing in a joined circle our right hand is open to receive and our left hand is back to pass on the energy of the circle. While some dances are done “un-joined”, this is not free form dance. There are definite steps and movements. It is also not performance dance; you do not need to be perfect.

We dance our prayers, our joys, our sorrows and our fears. It becomes a time to honour the sacred that exists within each of us. On our journey together in the circle we strive to experience awareness (not least – self-awareness) and to discover life within the community.

Many have asked about the HISTORY of Sacred Circle Dance. There is no simple answer. Some trace it to the seeds of Bernard Wosien, a modern dancer and ballet master in Europe during the middle of the last century, others trace it to Findhorn, Scotland one of the communities to which Bernard brought the dances. Still others will trace the dance through the Gnostic and mystic ways, through Sufism and teachers like Rumi, back in time to the walking of the labyrinth.

The circle is a microcosm of cosmic space. Every point in the circle is a turning point with each of us in the circle being the same distance from the center, the main focus, the light. We are all seekers of the light, so let us joyfully, reverently and sacredly, seek together.

Join us in the dance, come prepared to be challenged, to sway, to boogie, to cry and to laugh. Above all come prepared to honour the sacred and to move our energy as the creator intended – with joy!

Please join us on the first Wednesday of each month, September to June, at 7:30 pm.

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