SSUC Saskatoon

If you’re looking for a community on an expansive spiritual journey in Saskatoon, you’re welcome to join us. 

Spiritual Seekers of Saskatoon (previously known as Meewasin Valley United) was established as a satellite partner of SSUC Edmonton in July 2018. We are one community with SSUC Edmonton in two different locations! We gather regularly to participate in SSUC Edmonton livestreams, discuss topics, and build community with each other in Saskatoon.

  • We meet in person on the Third Sunday of the month, starting at 10 AM local time at St. Andrew’s College (U of S Campus) 1121 College Drive, Saskatoon. We gather, we participate online with SSUC-Edmonton, then if you’d like to stay, share a meal together while we discuss the themes and ideas of the day.
  • When we’re not meeting in person, we join online with SSUC Edmonton, wherever we happen to be. On these Sundays when we’re not meeting in person, we’re welcome to join an online zoom conversation at 11:15pm Mountain Time
  • For more information, please contact


Events and News of Interest to SSUC Saskatoon

  • Next in person gathering: May 14 at 10am – 1pm at St Andrew’s Lounge. Following the spiritual gathering, we’ll have a conversation while eating our own lunches with beverages provided.
  • Spirit Stroll:  You are warmly invited to join in a weekly Spirit Stroll beginning this Friday, May 12 at 10:00 – 11:00am.  There is no need to commit to coming weekly.  The day may change if Fridays do not work for the majority of attendees.  We will begin at the Meewasin shack near the end of Pinehouse Drive and walk along the river.  The spiritual component will be very unscripted.  If you have a question, wondering, reading, poem or meditation in your resources or heart, feel free to share it with the group as we are embraced by Gaia through all of our five senses and beyond.
  • OUTSaskatoon donations to TransCare Fund:  Heartfelt thanks to all of you who made donations to OUTSaskatoon’s TransCare Fund.  SSUC SK donated about $1000 to the fund! Trisha attended an OUTSaskatoon meeting on April 19 to ascertain what the issues have been with their finances and what the future holds. Board Meeting notes here.
  • SSUC Saskatoon connection and care: About 5 members hold people and intentions in their hearts on a daily basis. If you have concerns or needs that we can hold along side you, please send them here.
  • Donate to SSUC Edmonton/Saskatoon. Visit or send an e-transfer to We also raise funds through the sale of grocery cards  (Superstore, Safeway/Sobeys, Save-On) which can be purchased by contacting Trisha.  All funds support causes, staff and programs available to folks in both Saskatoon and Edmonton, including partner agencies and causes in Saskatoon.
  • Summer Break: Happy and safe spring/summer travels!  See you on September 17 at St Andrew’s 10:00am – 1:00pm.


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