Our Staff


Ministry Team

Nancy Steeves

After more than a decade practicing law, Nancy joined the ministry team at SSUC. In a rich collaboration with this congregation, she completed her Doctor of Ministry degree at Chicago Theological Seminary Focusing on “Setting a Spacious Table”. The discoveries which began in this project continue to evolve as we explore ways of gathering as spiritual communities that are congruent with an expansive spirituality. Nancy celebrates being a part of a diverse community of seekers who honor experience, seek inspiration from a variety of sources, are committed to social justice, and strive to live the values of our deepest and highest humanity.


Christopher New

Minister, Musician, Composer

Chris is in team ministry at SSUC where among other things, he interprets expansive spirituality for children and youth by creating programming and curriculum. He writes new music for congregational singing that expresses our deepest spirituality for the 21st century regardless of creed, tradition or custom. His song books, “Our Highest Values” (2016) and “We’ve Got the Strength” (2017) are both available.

Chris curates and prepares our weekly “Time For All Ages” which features books or stories relating the gathering theme for all ages. His blog with each book featured is here.


Alison Brooks-Starks

Field Placement Ministry Student

Alison has always lived in Treaty 6 along the North Saskatchewan River – she grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and has lived off-and-on in Edmonton since graduating from the University of Alberta in 2009. Alison has had a number of educator roles: group home worker, river guide, prison librarian, classroom educator, LGBTQ camp director and children and youth leader at a United Church. Alison has worked and volunteered for over a decade at a United Church summer camp, often as the chaplain. Alison enjoys reading graphic novels, writing, from time to time filming her partner Alexis’s youTube cooking show, and either swimming outside or skating outside depending on, you know, the water. Alison has just started school for diaconal ministry and her practicum this year is focused on spiritual care.

Aynsley New

Office Administrator

More to come…


Zoe Chaytors

Rainbow Connection Event and Program Coordinator

Zoe is a third year student in the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work Program. She enjoys good books and even better coffee. In her free time she likes to travel, kayak, and play basketball.

Nevin deMilliano

Communications and Marketing

Nevin is a 4th year business student at NAIT specializing in Entrepreneurship. Also a weather nerd and storm chaser. He enjoys video, photos, and social media.