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A More Just and Generous Spirituality

We’re learning to live fully and love deeply as we engage life with spiritual depth. 

A Place of Belonging

We’re creating community where we celebrate diversity, where we all belong, and where we’re safe to be ourselves.

A Way to Make a Meaningful Difference

We’re helping each other grow more compassionate in how we treat each other and work to make our communities better.

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What Others Are Saying

This is the most beautifully inclusive, warm, friendly, non-judgmental church I've ever been too. The services here feel truly therapeutic, inspiring, thought provoking, and soul enriching.

Rachel M.
Registered Psychologist
We have been attending SSUC for just over two years now. I came to find a place where I could bring my kids to have conversations about community and meaning. I love the welcome we receive - the kindness and generosity from all the members. I love the rainbow of families that are represented.
Amanda B.
Mother and Community Seeker

Anything but Ordinary

If you are grateful and have come to share 

We are committed to cultivating a spirituality that nurtures values we cherish rather than beliefs we may or may not share.

Welcome Home.

Our circle is imcompete without you
Gathering 10AM Sunday