SSUC is a radically inclusive and expansive spiritual community

This is a community where a diverse gathering of people can explore the best of their humanity and how that might inspire us to live with each other, with nature and the world. SSUC is anything but ordinary: committed to celebrating and exploring truth, compassion, justice and courageous living, the community holds a reverence for the spiritual life. Although rooted in the best of the Jesus tradition, SSUC celebrates life-affirming insight and wisdom, wherever we find it.

We're spiritual seekers united in community:

We live our values

  • Affirming the sacredness and connectedness of all life.

  • Learning and living the teachings of the Jesus tradition, yet reaching to new and renewed understandings.

  • Exploring values that help us live and act collectively with integrity, justice and social responsibility.

  • Encouraging and celebrating a diverse and inclusive community where our common humanity is honoured in a trusting atmosphere of mutual respect and support.

  • Seeking to live the vision and values of the Earth Charter by living out principles of ecological integrity, democracy, non-violence and peace.

  • Actively supporting and advocating for the affirmation and inclusion of all ages, genders, sexualities, abilities, cultures, and spiritual traditions (or none).

We are delighted that you have discovered our spiritual community.

It’s our hope you will find a warm and authentic welcome, inspiration for your journey, and a sense of  caring community.

SSUC seeks to be a spiritual community where we celebrate and explore truth, compassion, justice and courageous living. For more than fifty years, SSUC has sought to make a difference in our community by extending our reach with our energies and resources to meet needs in our neighbourhood, city, country, and beyond.

With our warm wishes and our sincere intentions,
Christopher New | Team Ministry Lead