Cookie Walk 2020

Yes, there will be a cookie walk this year but it will be a little different.

You will still be able to acquire your boxes of assorted cookies from our fabulous cookie bakers.

Each box will hold a great selection of the cookies usually found at our amazing cookie walk and the beauty of this year is you won’t have to stand in line!

Pre-order prices are below. All day of purchases will be $15/box. Exact cash or cheque only!

Pre-order ends November 30.

It will be a curbside pick-up! Safe and warm in the comfort of your car!

Dec 5 – 10 am to 2 pm

Everyone will enter from the East Parking lot entrance,following the green markings on the Map and exit via the west.

 If you have pre ordered : Prepay will park in the centre (blue) portion of the parking lot.

If you are doing a drive-in pick up:  you will advance to the Main doors, pay and then cookies will be placed in your trunk for you. Please have exact cash or cheque as there will be no handling of money, you will be dropping your cash into a box offered to you .

Everyone will exit via the West drive way.