Featured Book: Discover a New Faith: Energy for a Better Life

In 2008, Australian cleric Francis MacNab became infamous: it’s when his “new faith” got launched…with a $120,000 ad campaign…which included posters that called the Ten Commandments “one of the most negative documents ever written.” So he wrote 10 new ones: “live life fully”; “be kind and caring towards the animals”; “study the things of ultimate concern”; etc. His faith is explained in this new Featured Book.

“Minister for life” at one of Australia’s largest and most radical congregations, Melbourne’s St. Michael’s Uniting Church—at the age of 85, he retired in 2016—MacNab has been a fellow of The Jesus Seminar; a member of the Order of Australia; the author of over 25 books; the founder and executive director of his country’s largest clinical psychological centre; and the person “some said should have been drummed out of town,” as he tells it.

He—who once declared, “I think it’s very important…to look at…traditional beliefs, and consider, ‘Do I really believe that stuff?”—reckoned that “The old faith has no interest or grip for many people.” To replace it, he sought to bond what HarperCollins Religion describes as a “practical interweave between psychotherapy and a health-enhancing religion.”

Discover a New Faith: Energy for a Better Life
By Francis MacNab
Spectrum Publications, 2011